Thursday, January 12, 2006

Duffy vs Duffy - A Question

Much ado has been made of the exchange between Liberal strategist and spinner John Duffy and CTV host Mike Duffy, which can be found here, link on the lower right side of the page.

I have a question that either Duffy could answer: what exactly did John Duffy say to attempt to "intimidate". That word implies a threat. What was the threat? Having raised the issue Mike Duffy should tell us, but I would be happy to hear John Duffy's side of the story.

This is considered a moment that symbolizes the crash of the Liberal campaign. It would be nice to know all the details.

Meanwhile charges against the Conservative candidate in Southern Interior will hand the seat to the NDP. Harper is cornered and therefore says he stands behind the candidate but it naturally makes it clear that he is a hypocrite to do so.

Ralph Goodale, not charged with anything, should resign but Mr. Harper's candidate should not?

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