Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Quebec Polls - Bad News for Charest

Two new polls in have been released in Quebec, one from Léger and one from CROP. They are confined to the Quebec City region but strongly suggest that any prospect of a Liberal majority is gone. In fact the results are so good for the ADQ, which has about 40% in both polls, that if they could be projected province-wide we would no doubt be headed for an ADQ government. The regional character of the ADQ means that we can't do that, but they are headed for a significant result on Monday. The weekend polls will be most interesting.

The worst outcome for the ADQ, as a populist party, would be victory. It is clear that not only are they not ready to govern, they have also articulated a program that would be impossible to implement and would further divide an already fractured society if it could be.

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