Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ontario likely headed for Liberal majority

There has been closing tick in this election to the McGuinty Liberals.  Eight polls released since Monday by five different firms yield an average of:

Liberal: 37.6 %
PC: 33.2 %
NDP: 24.7 %
Green: 4.0 %

And less than 1% for others. 

This gives the Liberals 58 seats, 29 for the PCs and 20 for the NDP - a Liberal majority.  A minimum of 54 is required for a majority, so uncertainty remains about the issue of majority/minority.  TC thinks the Liberals will certainly win the most seats. It will likely be a majority (the Liberals could win over 60 seats) but there is still some doubt on that score. 

In these circumstances the trend is your friend and the trend is to the McGuinty Liberals.