Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Brunswick Election - September 27, 2010

The New Brunswick election got underway this week.  The Liberals under Premier Shawn Graham have a narrow lead of five points over the PCs.  However, the same Corporate Research Associates poll that gives the Liberals a 41-36 edge over the PCs makes it clear that there is a substantial amount of dissatisfaction in the province.
One factor in this race that may be getting discounted too greatly by the media is the NDP.  The party appears likely to perform much more strongly than in the past.  The NDP has 16% in the poll cited above with the Greens at 6%.  TC estimates that the current spread in seats would be L - 34, PC - 20 and NDP - 1.  However, TC has seen some private polling that suggests that NDP could do much better.  As it is 16% represents an increase of 10 points since 2006.  This is going to be an interesting, competitive race that could result in a change of government, a minority administration or both.
This blog site is a good way to follow the election.