Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fraser Institute Report

The scientists at the blog RealClimate have read the Fraser Institute's effort to discredit the IPCC report and don't like what they see. A few quotes:
Hockey-stick bashing and solar-explains-all advocacy are favorite activities of the denialist camp, so it is no surprise to see both themes amply represented in the Fraser Institute report....

The basic approach taken by the Fraser Institute Report is to fling a lot of mud at the models and hope that at least some of it sticks....

There are so many bizarre statements in the Fraser Institute report that some of us think that spotting them could serve as a good final exam in an elementary course on climate change.

It is worth reading the whole post. It illustrates that, although the climate change deniers are on the defensive, they are far from giving up. Also look at this post on the same subject.

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