Saturday, September 16, 2006

More on Jack & Afghanistan

The Bloc’s reaction to the NDP’s move was to criticize it. According to this story:
"Duceppe says NDP Leader Jack Layton's proposal to withdraw Canadian soldiers by next spring is a bad idea."

Clearly the Bloc does not feel at all threatened in Quebec by the NDP’s move. They continue instead to look over their shoulder at the Conservatives. But will they pay a price for this?

Michel Vastel made the following comment about the NDP’s move on his blog :
(My loose translation is below, the original French is here)

Jack Layton has triumphed. NDP activists have ratified a clear position, debatable perhaps, but one that makes the social democrats the true opposition to Harper’s government. The principal result of taking these clear positions will be to embarrass Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois. I hear more and more often grumbling by Quebeckers directed at the attitude of the Bloc leader who seems to handle the government with great care so that they don’t get dragged into an election call. Whether its about the softwood lumber trade or Canadian troops in Afghanistan, the merit of the New Democrats’ position is that it is clear. Not that of the Bloc Quebecois

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