Monday, September 18, 2006

Liberals win New Brunswick

The results are not all in and the popular vote is very close, but the two networks (CBC and CTV) have declared the Liberals led by Shawn Graham as the winners in the New Brunswick election.

This is a defeat not just for putative Conservative leadership aspirant Bernard Lord but also for Stephen Harper. Lord was perhaps the federal Conservatives strongest provincial ally.

However, it could perhaps become an asset if he were to resign and run federally.

It is certainly a good night for this New Brunswick blogger whose prediction of L - 30, PC - 24 and NDP -1 looks quite close.

There is an historical echo here. Lord is losing office after two terms and while still a young man, elected at 33 and defeated at 40, eerily similar to former Manitoba NDP Premier Ed Schreyer. However, the Governor-General's post won't be vacant for four years.

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