Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Liberal leadership machinations

A Liberal blogger is wondering why Jim Coutts gave $4400 to the Rae campaign and then later $1000 to Kennedy.

In the 1983 Conservative leadership convention (I was there), one tactic of the Mulroney campaign was to plant operatives in other campaigns as erstwhile supporters but whose real role was to persuade targeted candidate to switch to Mulroney on subsequent ballots. As some candidates clearly waver in making this crucial decision, the rationale for doing so is clear. But it is not a tactic one wants to broadcast. Most people believe political choices should be more straightforward.

1. This analysis about the Coutts donation by blogging Tory Steve Janke is worth reading.
2. Apparently Rae was both donating to NDP candidates in the last election, and cheering their success. This could prove troublesome for him over the next crucial 10 days.

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