Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reaction to Gomery

The report is out and I suspect interest will be high among the public.

One key difference from the AG's report: Gomery made a low key statement that was little more than a restatement of elements of the report, and refused to take questions, unlike AG Sheila Fraser who held court and expressed shock and outrage. I have long suspected that her highly-charged emotional news conference triggered a sympathetic response among the general public, who regard the AG as an almost God-like figure (very wrongly in my view).

However, it does mean response to this report will be dictated by how the public reads the reaction of the key figures: Martin, Harper, Chr├ętien, Layton, etc. The initial response may then depend on prior partisan preferences without any authority figure such as Sheila Fraser to prompt moves in an alternate direction.

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