Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is Coalition An Issue?

Despite all the election chatter about "coalition" it is not clear why it should be an issue.  One would expect it to be, for many voters, a parliamentary process issue.  Sure enough, a new Nanos survey that asked respondents to name the most important issue does not appear to have anyone saying "coalition" or "majority government". From CTV:
When asked to name, unprompted, what their most important national issue of concern was, almost 30 per cent said health care. However, it appears that the economy is again coming to the forefront as a key issue (percentage-point change from March 15 survey in brackets):
  • Health care: 28.5 per cent (-0.7)
  • Jobs / Economy: 19.5 per cent (+1.4)
  • Education: 7.9 per cent (-0.9)
  • Environment: 4.7 per cent (-2.8)
  • High taxes: 4.8 per cent (-0.1)
  • Unsure: 12.1 per cent (+3.0)
Economy, health care, education, environment. Makes sense to TC. Where is "coalition/majority government"?