Monday, May 07, 2007

Manitoba Election Treading Water

In most elections there comes a point where the campaign crystalizes and it appears to be about something; the zeitgeist gels, and there is a clear perspective one can get. It hasn't happened yet in Manitoba. There have also as yet been no polls.

Sometimes a campaign drifts right on into election day. This happened last year in Nova Scotia. These circumstances favour the incumbent. But there are still two weeks to go. A lot could happen.

I think the one interesting item was an absolutely dumb promise by PC leader Hugh McFadyen, that he would give every MLA a veto over hydro privatization. This is transparently protesting too much, and, if anything, lends credence to the charge by the NDP that he wants to sell the utility. The case for McFadyen as a hydro privatizer is nicely summarized by an NDP web site dedicated to doing in Hugh.

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