Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Honeymoon

It seems like a return to normalcy (as Warren Harding so inelegantly put it). The Grits are back. Two polls out this weekend, one from Ekos, the other from Ipsos, would both produce Liberal majorities.

There is a strong St├ęphane Dion honeymoon underway. Given that one must automatically cede 40+ constituencies to the Bloc in Quebec, it is difficult in Canada for anyone to win a majority, which makes these results all the more impressive.

An average of Ipsos and Ekos gives us the following seat distribution:

Liberal - 163
C.P.C. - 89
NDP - 8
BQ - 47
Other - 1

However, this is just first blush. Dion is not well known outside Quebec so these preferences must be considered as weak.

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