Thursday, August 17, 2006

David Broder on the 2006 Elections

I generally consider David Broder, the elderly political columnist for the Washington Post, a dispenser of bromides. All the more remarkable then that he writes a blunt column postulating that the Republicans are in deep trouble in the American heartland. Here is an excerpt:

"I had dinner one night with a group of Ohio Republicans, all with many years of experience in state politics and none directly engaged in this year's gubernatorial race. One of them said, "I'm afraid this could be another 1982," a year when recession pushed unemployment to 15 percent and cost the Republicans the governorship. Another said, "I'd settle right now for another 1982. I'm afraid it will be another 1974," the year of the Watergate election, when Democrats swept everything in sight."

The whole thing is worth reading. Thanks to AB for the tip.

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