Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Decima Poll & Harper's Nightmares

One assumes that Stephen Harper will toss and turn tonight with visions of Liberal majority in the next election recurring frequently in his nightmares. The new Decima poll is devastating news for the Conservatives. How devastating? According to my calculations, in Ontario, where the Liberals are reported to be at 48%, the NDP at 24% and the Conservatives at 22%, the resulting distribution of seats would be Liberals - 90; NDP -14; Harper Conservatives - 2.

These numbers are clearly Grewal-driven. For a full discussion that provides some context about just how bad this is for Harper, I recommend reading this post by a Canadian small 'c' conservative, which I discovered courtesy of the aptly named Buckets of Grewal blog and its post: What Did Harper Know and When Did He Know It?.

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